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2.5) IN record of vehicle or machine (F1)


1) Click on the IN command or press F1

2) In the window IN that opens, select the vehicle or machine

3) Enter the driver password

4) Enter the mileage of timer value of the vehicle/machine at the time of the entrance to the parking lot

5) If there was fuel load, enter the quantity and amount for each of the types of fuel used by the vehicle/machine that it registering IN
Note: For each vehicle/machine can determine up to two Types of fuel

6) If there was oil change, enter the quantity and amount

7) If there was any damage can add it to the list by clicking on the command Add or pressing F3 In the window that opens, select the fault from the list and click on the command Add de esta lista.

8) To register and close the IN window clicl the Enter command

Mileage control

Always last mileage entry is recorded in the file of the vehicle/machine. When a driver perform an IN record and press ENTER, the program compares the value entered as current mileage and verifies that it is greater than the last entry of the same vehicle/machine. If it is not, an error message is displayed.
In this case should click OK or press the ENTER key again. After correcting the value of the mileage should click on the Enter command.

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